Sophia3 Sophia 3rd, NORA MA-01, (also known as SOPHIA THE 3RD) given to Jason by Eve, is an all-terrain agile battle tank from a foreign world. It's tough enough to ignore falling damage, take several direct hits from ordnance, is more or less immune to environmental conditions, and even survive in lava for more than a couple seconds. It can jump impressively high and is highly modular. Previous versions, which presumably exist due to the "3rd", are unknown. The vehicle was constantly tinkered with after it fell into Jason's hands, undergoing several retoolings and rebuilds over the years.

In Blaster Master, Jason encounters Sophia in a massive hole after chasing a mutated Fred. Its sudden appearance is not explained in the game, and it wasn't until the canonization of the Worlds of Power novel that it gained a backstory relating to Eve.


Sophia 3rd has a basic cannon that is strong enough to take out most foes in one shot. The cannon can quickly swivel in any direction and even aim upwards. The cannon can only have three shots in the air at a time. It can stock a variety of sub-weapons, up to 99 of each.


Sophia's jumping ability allows it leap about four times its height. It can change direction in mid-flight, but only at half-speed should it turn around.

  • Hover Module: Permits limited flight.
  • Dive Module: Grants full movement in water.
  • Wall1: Allows travel on vertical surfaces.
  • Wall2: Allows inverted travel, letting Sophia 3rd drive on ceilings.


Meta FightEdit

The tank was originally called the MA-01 Metal Attacker in Meta Fight. Sophia the 3rd originally referred to the planet where the game took place, while NORA was satellite orbiting near the planet.

Blaster MasterEdit

Jason stumbled upon the vehicle when following his pet Fred down a hole.

  • Height: 4.0 m
  • Length: 6.5 m
  • Width: 6.0 m
  • Horsepower: 16,000
  • Weight: 150 tons
  • Construction: Titanium

Unlike the Japanese version, the tank is never actually given a name in the manual, although the "Sophia the 3rd NORA MA-01" display on the pause screen was left unchanged.

Worlds of Power: Blaster MasterEdit

The novel was the first piece of Blaster Master media to use the name "Sophia the 3rd" for the tank. It explains that Sophia 3rd auto-transfers weapon energy between Jason and the vehicle, and also states that the vehicle can jump from any surface, including semi-solids like lava. Eve brought it with her when she traveled to Earth.

Blaster Master: Enemy BelowEdit

Sophia 3rd was slightly upgraded, increasing the model number to NORA MA-02.

Blaster Master 2Edit

Sophia 3rd was upgraded to Sophia 4th, but referred to as S.O.P.H.I.A..

Blaster Master: Blasting AgainEdit

Sophia 4th has been rebuilt into Sophia J-7.

Beating the game allows the player to start a new game using Sophia 3rd, though it is functionally the same as Sophia J-7.

Blaster Master: OverdriveEdit

Sophia 3rd has been re-imagined into S.O.P.H.I.A..

Blaster Master: Zero Edit

In much the same manner as in the original game, the SOPHIA III is a vehicle brought to Earth by Eve to combat the mutants. After escaping from Jason, Fred falls into a wormhole that leads to the SOPHIA III, which Jason follows him into. Jason then finds the tank and a blaster rifle, and uses it to go find Fred, whom the tank is able to track for some reason. The vehicle controls much the same as its original incarnation, but has a variety of abilities and subweapons that are unlocked via chips found after destroying bosses.

It is revealed later in the game that Fred is a part of the SOPHIA III, being a disguised recon drone used to scout out areas, and opens a wormhole in order to return to the SOPHIA when he needs to. During the course of the game, the SOPHIA III is taken from Jason, but he is led by Fred to the SOPHIA Zero, an extremely powerful version with boosted abilities. SOPHIA III was infested by the Mutant Core, and Eve tried to take it away to destroy it by causing the SOPHIA III to self-destruct, but the mutant core took it over too quickly and prevented the self-destruction. Jason tracks down the possessed SOPIHA III with the SOPHIA Zero, successfully frees Eve from it, and destroys the SOPHIA III and the Mutant Core once and for all.

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