The Sophia J-7 is the latest version of the Sophia 3rd vehicle, though its call-sign is based on Jason's name. It's maintained by Elfie and piloted by Roddy. Instead of energy gauges used in previous models, the J-7 utilizes an auto-recharging battery that powers many of the vehicle's mobility modules. Weapon energy, though, must be recovered by collecting items.


J-7's primary pulse cannon offers a small amount of auto-aiming. Sophia's physical appearance changes to reflect the weapon currently equipped. Special weapons include:


The J-7 has the default ability to perform a side-jump as a quick dodge. As Elfie completes modules, and Roddy installs them, more abilities will open up:

  • Climb: Permits the J-7 to climb up various parallel walls.
  • Submarine: Transforms the J-7 to a more water-friendly shape, increasing underwater mobility.
  • Boost: A burst of energy that increases land speed.
  • Hover Module: Allows limited flight.


Blaster Master: Blasting AgainEdit