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Stein is the pilot of NORA MA-03 Atom, making his debut in Blaster Master Zero 2. While he's fully capable of working with Atom's mechanics, his skills in handling any electronics is deficient. His support droid is Tesset, and his support lifeform is a small bear named named Mr. Mug.


Stein is a very muscular and hairy man with a pale complexion. Due to having massive amounts of "Sophinium" in his blood, the very same element that powers Metal Attackers, parts of his body glare a greenish glow and crystals of the element have stretched out on his back, to the point part of his jacket has been torn through by the crystal's length. Stein can use this element to power up Atom, and enhance its capabilities in battle.

Plot Role[]

Stein first appears on Planet Divido, where he's been separated from Tesset due to Dig-Rawler and the dimensional distortions it creates. Jason attempts to speak with him, but Eve tells him Atom's communications are stuck on transmit, so he can't hear them. Stein assumes the Gaia-SOPHIA is a new form of Mutant Attacker and initiates combat. After Atom sustains major damage, Eve uses codes from Tesset to hack Atom's comms so they can speak with Stein. Stein is sheepish at how this whole misunderstanding could've been avoided, but he simply has no idea how to handle Atom's electronics. He's eager to go pick up Tesset, but after fighting Dig-Rawler, Atom's boosters are in no shape for atmospheric exit. Jason volunteers to go out and defeat the mutant, so Stein gives him the Full Accel Burst to let them get by some areas blocked by dimensional distortions.


After defeating Dig-Rawler, Jason can visit Stein again on Divido, who explains that he needs a booster capable of space travel if he's going to take the long way around to pick up Tesset. He comments that such a booster would likely be on a spaceship, leading Jason to trawl Immigration Ship L-229. Finding a booster aboard the ship, Jason returns to Divido and delivers the booster. In thanks, Stein gives the G-SOPHIA crew an Emblem shaped like Atom. No one seems to know what exactly it's used for, so Eve holds onto it for analysis.


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 2.

Area Ω[]

Atom's crew, along with the crews of Kuebiko and Eir, fight to distract Drolrevo as Eve charges Andreia's Acceleration Blast. Stein and the other MA crews tell Eve that Leibniz stopped by each of their planets to tell them that the G-SOPHIA crew needed their help, and tells them how to use Emblems.

After Drolrevo is defeated, its true form, Drolrevo Mastro, appears. In one of Drolrevo Mastro chats, the other MA crews are busy holding back the mutants that Drolrevo Mastro has summoned.

As Jason finally destroys Drolrevo Mastro, Eve and Fred join Jason aboard G-SOPHIA. Everyone returns to real space, and the G-SOPHIA crew thanks the other pilots as they return to their respective worlds.

Blaster Master Zero 3[]


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 3.

During the time period between Blaster Master Zero 2 and the climax of Blaster Master Zero 3, Stein has also been formally adopted Tesset, with her calling him dad.

He and Tesset, along with the other Metal Attacker pilots, are summoned by Jason and Eve, who ask for their help in protecting Eve as she attempts to give birth to their children in a mutant cocoon. Stein and Tesset are all too happy to help out, and pilot Atom in a battle against Kane Gardner.


  • Stein is based on Sukezaemon from Sunsoft's Hebereke.