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Tae is the support droid for NORA MA-05 Kuebiko, and is the partner of its pilot Gonbei. She makes an appearance alongside the two in Blaster Master Zero 2.


Like other support droids, Tae was sent along with Kuebiko through space in hopes of finding a pilot to fight the mutant invasions across the universe. Her travels would land her on Planet Montoj, where a local farmer named Gonbei would soon become Kuebiko's pilot. While Gonbei is competent as a pilot and Kuebiko is well-adapted for Montoj's terrain, Tae consistently has issues supplying parts for maintenance and repair due to the planet's lack of technological progress.



Some time before Jason and Gaia-SOPHIA set off into space, Tae and Kuebiko landed on planet Montoj. By that point, the local governor was subverted by a mutant named Zavira, and was leading the mutants in eradicating the locals' "ikki", their rebellious army of farmers and their only means of resistance. Kuebiko offered Gonbei the means of putting up a fight, but casualties continue to pile up until only Gonbei and Kuebiko are the only ones still fighting.

Some time before the G-SOPHIA lands on Montoj, Kuebiko's crew attempts to take down Zavira, but fail and critically damage the MA in the process.

Blaster Master Zero 2[]

After Jason and Gonbei clash over a misunderstanding, Tae and Eve interject over the comms to clear the air. Tae berates Gonbei for going off half-cocked before accepting Eve's parts and aid in repairing Kuebiko for a second round with Zavira. After Jason seemingly defeats Zavira, Tae and Gonbei assist Jason in defeating Gathervira, Zavira's true form as a literal mountain of a mutant.


After defeating Gathervira, Jason meets Kuebiko's crew again at their hideout. They explain that an island on the sea is acting as a mutant nest, which is why there are still so many on Montoj. Modifying Kuebiko for sea travel requires gold coins scattered by Gonbei's ancestors as parts. Since they already took Kuebiko apart for maintenance and it'd be a pain to put it back together only to take it apart again, the G-SOPHIA crew assists them with this task. In thanks, Tae and Gonbei hand over an Emblem shaped like Kuebiko. No one is sure what it's used for, so Eve holds onto it for analysis.


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 2.

Area Ω - Final Boss[]

Gonbei and Tae join the other MA pilots in supporting Eve, buying her enough time to fire Andreia's Acceleration Blast to damage the Mutant Cocoon.

Blaster Master Zero 3[]


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 3.

True Ending[]

During the time period between BMZ2 and the climax of BMZ3, the Kuebiko's Crew want to Atlantis.

She and Gonbei, along with the other Metal Attacker pilots, are summoned by Jason and Eve, who ask for their help in protecting Eve as she attempts to give birth to their children in a mutant cocoon. Tae and Gonbei are all too happy to help out. Gonbei was the first to go up against Kane and challenge him to a Top-Down battle with Kuebiko's Crew assisting him.

Gonbei defeated, the Kuebiko's Crew retreated.


  • In a conversation between Eve and Tae, it is revealed that "Tae" isn't her actual name as a support droid, but rather a name that Gonbei gave her. She preferred that name, and so insists on Eve to honor that preference.