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Thunder Breaker is a weapon used by Sophia in various Blaster Master games.


Blaster Master[]


Using Thunder Break results in a powerful forked lance of lightning lashing below the vehicle. The weapon's fork is randomly generated, and so accuracy is poor and inconsistent. It's not efficient to jump over an enemy and hope to hit them with it; it's better used while in freefall, in a watery environment where aiming is easier, or when sitting on a platform above an enemy.

Blaster Master 2[]


Sophia 4th unleashing its version of Thunder Break

Sophia 4th's version unleashes thunderbolts in eight directions that travel the length of the screen. Powerful and useful.

Blaster Master: Blasting Again[]

Thunder is one of three alternate sub-weapons received by Sophia J-7 upon boarding a maintenance terminal in Ground after the first Cave boss is defeated. Equipping this sub-weapon manifests yellow boxes on either side of the battle tank's cockpit which are used to continuously shock enemies at close range, draining Thunder's yellow SP gauge over time. Power Memory Prisms for Thunder can be used to extend Thunder's SP gauge up to seven times, increasing damage output based on current capacity.

Blaster Master Zero[]

A sub-weapon that shoots lightning from directly beneath SOPHIA.
— Thunder Breaker • Blaster Master Zero

Activating Thunder Breaker fires a bolt of lightning straight down from SOPHIA III for ~0.75 seconds (if on a wall or ceiling due to Wall Climb, the bolt is instead directed into the current wall or ceiling). Unlike the original Blaster Master, the bolt in Zero always aims straight down, making it easier to use. In addition, Thunder Breaker can now neutralize land mines, preventing them from shooting bullets on death.

If the lightning bolt makes contact with a body of water, it will create a spread of five moving lightning bolts from its tip, each with the same power as the initial bolt, in five downward directions (regardless of whether the initial bolt was shot sideways or upward), making it very useful for clearing out crowds, particularly in Area 5. Contacting a fluid with Thunder Breaker will also shock any other enemies on-screen that are in water, even if the bodies of water aren't contiguous to the one being struck, for trivial damage (equivalent to Normal Shot damage).

Damage per bolt is equivalent to the shooting power of the main cannon + 2 Normal Shots/1 Hyper Shot.

Only one direct Thunder Breaker bolt can be active at a time.

SOPHIA Zero possesses an empowered sidegrade of the weapon: its vertical reach is reduced by one block but four additional bolts fan out from its underbody covering a total 120-degree spread. Proportionally, damage per bolt is the same as an empowered Crusher Shot damage, but the presence of 5 bolts, rather than just one bolt, raises total damage per attack to 5x the damage of an empowered Crusher Shot while outside of water. The central bolt's tip continues to serve as the origin point for generating 5 additional bolts on contact with water, and water shock damage remains unchanged from SOPHIA III's Thunder Breaker.

Related Quotes[]

THUNDER BREAKER: With this sub-weapon, you can shoot lightning bolts downward from beneath SOPHIA. It's perfect for getting rid of enemies that are out of the reach of the main weapon, and for safely getting rid of land mines too. When underwater, this attack can damage all nearby enemies. Give it a try when you have a chance!
— Eve • Blaster Master Zero