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A sub-weapon that, once set, fires bullets in a scattering pattern for a fixed amount of time. Makes for a useful decoy.
— Turret • Blaster Master Zero

The Turret is a Sub-weapon for Jason in Blaster Master Zero. It places down a turret that rapidly fires shots in random directions around it. After a period of time, or upon taking enough damage, it expires.


Blaster Master Zero[]

The Turret is obtained from Gurnahide in Area 5. Pressing the Sub-weapon button places down a turret, which shoots Long Range bullets all around it in random directions, at a rate of fire of ~10 shots per second, for 8 seconds or until it takes too many hits of damage from enemies and their attacks. Bullets deal 2x Blaster damage each while the Turret's on-death explosion deals 8x Blaster damage (the same damage as an Ignition Bomb explosion) within a ~2.5-block radius. Both damage components are doubled against most bosses, allowing the sub-weapon to deal massive damage over time for its ammo cost (especially if a well-timed stun effect forces a mobile boss to stop on top of it and absorb a large number of bullets).

While a turret is active, it will also attract the undivided attention of enemies and bosses alike, making Jason invisible to most enemies (such as Drap Traps) for the duration and increasing the likelihood of landing its random shots and death explosion. (Red Gunner Guards in Area 7 will still trigger a room alert upon spotting Jason, but will attack the Turret after they are alerted.) Jason can only carry five Turrets at once, the same amount as Flash Bombs, and only one Turret can be active at a time.

Shovel Knight is able to pull live Turrets out of pools using his Fishing Rod, making him the only EX character who is able to utilize any of Jason's sub-weapons. Turrets generated in this manner start unarmed and will automatically activate on contact with the ground.

Related Quotes[]

TURRET: Once placed, it will auto-attack by scattering bullets around. It works really well when there's a lot of baddies around. It also makes for a fantastic decoy as well!
— Eve