Underworld Lord
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The Underworld Lord is the second form of the Plutonium Boss in Blaster Master and is the last foe Jason will have to fight. The Underworld Lord appears as a humanoid in fiery armor, armed with a large shield and a flame whip. It's not particularly known if the Underworld Lord is another form of the 'Boss, or a separate creature that serves as the mastermind.

In Meta-Fight, this is Emperor Goez, the supreme leader of the Inbem Dark Star.


Blaster MasterEdit

The Underworld Lord appears after Jason destroys the Plutonium Boss.

Worlds of Power: Blaster MasterEdit

Oddly, the Plutonium Boss is the ultimate enemy here; the Underworld Lord is completely left out.

Blaster Master ZeroEdit

The Underworld Lord (still known in Japan as Goez) returns as the penultimate boss of Area 8. He is similar to his original appearance, however, he moves more slowly and can face multiple directions. After being defeated, he transforms into the Multidimentional Overlord.