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Unlimited Mode is an extra game mode in Blaster Master Zero. It is unlocked by clearing Area 9 and seeing the game's true ending. Save files for Unlimited Mode games are marked with a white-on-red "UNLIMITED" label on the top-right corner of the details screen.

Differences From Normal Mode[]

  • Players begin with SOPHIA Zero and all the power-ups, including sub-weapons, life-ups, upgrades, maps and keys.
  • Having all the power-ups means there are no barriers to progress, allowing players to explore freely and challenge areas and bosses in any order.
    • All doors requiring keys are permanently open. However, the Area 7 shortcut must still be unlocked by defeating Skeleton Boss normally.
  • All the power-ups are dummy power-ups that have no effect, but must still be collected in order to reach Area 9 again.
  • Eve and Fred are available for chats from the outset; however, Eve only gives an explanation of Unlimited Mode, rather than any context-specific hints.
  • In general, out-of-game cutscenes, in-game dialogue and other elements related to Blaster Master Zero's story are absent in Unlimited Mode. The following are exceptions to the rule:
    • The new game start cutscene remains, though SOPHIA Zero takes the place of SOPHIA III.
    • Charging an Acceleration Blast while aiming at Skeleton Boss in Area 7 will still trigger the scripted-kill event, absent the usual dialogue.
    • Both game-ending cutscenes and credits rolls continue to play normally.
    • The Receiver continues to detect signals in Area 9.