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    Super Blaster Master?

    February 2, 2012 by ClaudeLv250

    So I was reading the Wikipedia Blaster Master article when I saw this little bit about Sunsoft's original announcement of Blaster Master 2: "At the 1992 Winter Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Sunsoft announced that they were planning to develop a sequel for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, but it never came to be."

    Well, interviews with Software Creations staff made it pretty clear that when they were hired, the game was always, and exclusively, developed for Sega's console. Sunsoft must have done some prototyping of a Blaster Master 2 for the SNES before they decided to outsource to SC for BM2 on the Genesis...that makes me wonder if there is a lost "Super Blaster Master" proto (or even further along) shoved deep in the vau…

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  • ClaudeLv250

    I always wanted to get some templates done fo the wiki since I started editting here, but at the time I didn't really know how to do that. After working on other wikis for a bit, I'm back and more knowledgable! First navigation template for the site so far: Template:Series. Next two on my agenda: Template:Characters and Template:BM1.

    Characters should list protagnists and antagonists, since nothing is tying the character pages together yet.

    BM1 will hopefully be the start of game-specific navigation boxes, that should include everything directly relevant such as levels, bosses, items, enemies, and probably misc stuff like the pause trick. Right now I'm thinking the color scheme for each should be based on the sophia model in that game.

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