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Vision Reversal Visor System. A system to "reverse" super-dimensional space. Activates when the helmet's visor is lowered.
— VRV SYSTEM (Sub-Screen) • Blaster Master Zero 3

The Vision Reversal Visor System (simply abbreviated as VRV) is a system and core gameplay mechanic of Blaster Master Zero 3. It allows access to super-dimensional space in order to traverse normally impassable areas and find secret paths.


The VRV System was made by Eve and installed into Jason's visor when she repaired his helmet between the events of Blaster Master Zero 2 and 3.

Shortly after Jason defeats Evil Eve in Sophia Metropolis and finds Leibniz stowing away in Gaia-SOPHIA SV, he gets a fragmented message from Eve, telling him the system is the only thing that can let him use the dimensional ruptures before it cuts out.

While infiltrating a Sophia Force facility, Jason finds the path cut off, with only a dimensional rupture in sight. With no other recourse, he activates the VRV System, and finds himself in dimensional space. While this is not Jason's first time in alternate dimensions, the forces exerted here are so intense they threaten to tear him to pieces. In a desperate gambit, Jason activates his suit's Accel Charger, unlocking his suit's full output and allocating it into life support.

After acquiring some of Eve's DNA, which shouldn't exist since Eve as a support droid is an inorganic lifeform, Jason contacts Kane. Kane warns Jason about using the VRV System too much, but refrains from any further comments.

On the way through planet Stranga, Leibniz notices some weird feedback distorting Jason's audio output, though Jason himself doesn't notice.


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 3.

When Jason fires the Elemental Blaster to destroy Bloodstained Planade-G and cure Eve, the backlash practically scraps Jason's suit and helmet, taking the VRV System with it. As everyone parses Eve's continued mutant status and her choice to seal herself with the mutants in super-dimensional space forever, Jennifer comments that without Jason's helmet, and thus the VRV System, no one can intrude on super-dimensional space, which makes the nonaggression agreement between Eve and the Sophia Force possible to begin with.

Bad Ending[]

Jason could not bridge the gap between the "human" he was and the "Mutant Queen" Eve became. Shortly after she departs for super-dimensional space, Kane manages to rescind the Sophia Force's attack orders for Jason and Leibniz. They go on to join the SF, as planet Sophia forms an interstellar union. Jason laments being unable to "reverse" Eve's fate, or know how she truly felt. But without his helmet or the VRV System, all Jason can do is live on as a "human," the regret like a "rupture" in his heart...

True Ending Path[]

Jason, unable to accept Eve's choice, resolves to "reverse" the hands of fate itself. He somehow activates the VRV System without his helmet, briefly turning his physical features the same colors as his Accel-Charged suit before he "reverses" Eve's conscious emotions. Eve expresses her love for Jason, and her inner thoughts on the whole situation. She thinks it unfair, that after so long and everything they've been through, she and Jason aren't allowed more than a fleeting moment's peace together. Jason promises to find a way to be with her, steeling the resolution deep in his heart as his beloved partner enters the portal.

Some time later, a dimensional rupture opens up near Earth. Kane, believing Eve has broken her promise, gets Jason's helmet repaired, and with it, the VRV System. Taking his Metal Attacker into Earth's super-dimensional space, he sets out to find Eve and get answers.

When Kane finally finds Jason, he's shocked to find that the once-human pilot has become something completely different. He blames abuse of the VRV System, but Jason is quick to explain that the fault lies in his Accel Charger. Though it allowed him to survive in super-dimensional space, it made him undergo similar adaptations to Eve, eventually becoming a super-dimensional lifeform that cannot live in real space.


The VRV System can be used to phase in and out of super-dimensional space via ruptures. Note that the system (and thus entry and escape from super-dimensional space) can ONLY be done at ruptures. Super-dimensional space will often see use as a way to access paths that do not exist in real space, although there are some paths in real space that do not exist in super-dimensional.

In side-scrolling areas, the VRV System sees regular use, especially as some areas are completely separated from each other in real space. Some super-dimensional space areas in side-scrolling will have altered or reversed versions of platforming and puzzle mechanics from real space. Super-dimensional space also sees the return of dimensional distortion hazards from planet Divido and Area Ω, and they are once again instant-death on contact, though Gaia-SOPHIA SV is able to swim through them like water with the Counter Barrier upgrade.

Dimensional ruptures can also be found in top-down segments and dungeons, largely on planet Sophia and its environs. Super-dimensional versions of dungeons offer a longer travel time, extra hazards like spikes, and a time limit on how long Jason can remain without suffering health drain. The upside is that the mutants that spawn in super-dimensional dungeons are far more simplistic and have less nasty surprises compared to the Sophia Force robots that inhabit real space. Upgrades and items found in dungeons do not differe between real and dimensional versions of dungeons (except the Final Acceleration Blast, which only exists in a real space dungeon), so the only real trade-off is harder enemies or a detour plus a time limit.

While on foot, Jason is forced to use the Accel Charger just to survive, putting a time limit on how long Jason can remain in the space. This is represented by the green border on the screen when Jason is on foot in super-dimensional space, which gradually disappears into static. This timer resets when Jason returns to real space or enters Gaia-SOPHIA SV. Should this time limit expire, Jason's health will rapidly deplete until death, even if the player has collected Life Energy Guards.


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 3.

While there is a time limit and risks associated with the VRV system and super-dimensional space, use of the system and spending time in the space is mandatory in order to avoid the Bad Ending. Upon reaching the Bad Ending, Jason hints on how to achieve the True Ending, lamenting that if he had the will and spent a little more time in super-dimensional space, maybe he could've found another way. Another hint is in the Bad Ending's last scene, where a light shimmers on the hand of Eve's phantom.

The game will secretly track how much time Jason spends in the super-dimensional version of top-down dungeons. The tracker for this is actually the ring in the pause screen, located in the corner of the display for Jason's Blaster Rifle. As Jason spends time in super-dimensional dungeons, a second ring will gradually form, until the display shows two rings side-by-side. When this happens, the player is eligible to access the True Ending path. Another prompt is a random conversation with Leibniz, where he comments on how long Jason's spent inside super-dimensional space.

With the condition met, fight and defeat Bloodstained Planade-G. When the final scene appears with Eve turning her back on Jason, input the command to use the VRV System when the crack appears over Eve. Jason will somehow activate the VRV System even with his helmet destroyed, leading up to the True Ending path.

Later in Area ???, the player controls Kane in Metal Attacker to find Eve. Though he still uses the VRV System to access ruptures, it's only in side-scrolling areas, where the game will transition into real-space for most battles against rival MA pilots. The system is never used in top-down segments. Additionally, there are no time limits while Kane is using the VRV System. The in-universe explanation is that Earth's dimensional space is less intensive than Sophia's, so the Accel Charger is unneeded.