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Vios is one of the many mutants that appear in Jason's sections in Blaster Master and Blaster Master Zero.

Physical Appearance[]

Vios is a hovering robotic head. It is missing its left eye, and its left cranium is damaged, exposing its brain.

In-Game Appearances[]

Blaster Master[]

Vios are encountered in the dungeon sections of Area 1 and Area 8. Like with most enemies, they're colored gray. Vios will slowly float towards Jason, dealing contact damage if they hit him; they commonly drop Multi-Warhead Missile Capsules.

Blaster Master Zero[]

Vios will once again appear in Area 1, Area 6, and Area 8. They now come in three different medal color variants: bronze, silver, and gold. Bronze Vios are the fastest in speed, but the weakest in durability, Silver Vios have decent speed and durability, and Gold Vios have the highest durability, but slowest speed.

A large amount of Vios ambush Jason in the enemy rush room, Thousand Vios; upon defeating them normally, he receives the Thunder Breaker sub-weapon; in Destroyer Mode, he instead receives a dummy pick-up. In said mode, the Bronze Vios are only affected by Flame, the Silver Vios are weak to Long Range, and the Gold Vios are vulnerable to Auto.