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Wall 1 grants the equipped vehicle, typically Sophia 3rd or a derivative, the ability to drive up walls.


Blaster Master[]

Frozen Crabullus guards this item in Area 6. This additional ability requires no additional energy. It allows Jason to access areas that even the Hover Pack doesn't have the energy for.

Blaster Master 2[]

Wall-climbing functionality was planned at an early phase to be transferred to Jason's Bike, but the concept was dropped, apparently in favor of Jason instead acquiring the Jetpack for personal hover capability.

Blaster Master: Enemy Below[]

Wall1 is once again retrieved from Area 6, this time from Dinosaur.

Blaster Master: Blasting Again[]

A variant of this module, simply called Climb, sprouts four curved legs from Sophia J-7's wheel-wells, allowing it to climb vertical parallel surfaces.

Blaster Master: Overdrive[]

The Wall Kit is obtained in Lava Flow. S.O.P.H.I.A.'s wheels grow claw-like appendages that allow it to climb vertical walls. It drains energy when in use.

Blaster Master Zero[]

Climb on cliffs and walls. Move towards a cliff or wall while holding the Wall button to begin climbing.
— Wall Climb Description • Blaster Master Zero

An omnibus Wall Climb upgrade for SOPHIA III is found after defeating Ancient Freeze in Area 6, combining the functionality of Wall 1 and Wall 2. Wall Climb, costing no SP to use, is required not only to access Area 7 from Area 3, via actuation of a wall-mounted conveyor belt, but also to reach a hidden platform in Area 1's first room which houses an EX Character-specific upgrade for Ekoro, Gunvolt and Shovel Knight.

While this Operation Mode is enabled (it can be enabled or disabled in the Weapon Select screen), SOPHIA III will roll up a wall or down a cliff, engaging the Wall Climb Maneuver, if either Wall button is being held while moving into the wall or off the cliff, provided there is a 2-block high space (or 2-block wide space, if rolling onto a floor or ceiling) available for the change in orientation. While on a wall or ceiling, Wall Climb may be disengaged, provided there is enough room for SOPHIA to return to an upright orientation, by pressing the Jump button, taking damage (whether from enemies or spikes) or rolling off a "cliff" without holding a Wall button.

  • If the terrain is configured such that SOPHIA can engage either a cliff or a wall in the same location, the Wall button timing determines whether it will engage the cliff or the wall. If the button is pressed while in contact with the wall and attempting to move into it, SOPHIA will roll up the wall; otherwise, it will roll down the cliff.
  • SOPHIA cannot start a Wall Climb while on an Area 7 elevator or a moving platform, but can start the Maneuver from a static platform or the top surface of a room transition tunnel. In addition, blocks and walls with half-block corridors (e.g. the wall to the left of the Photophage dungeon entrance in Area 3) are able to support Wall Climb transitions.
  • While on a wall or ceiling due to Wall Climb, SOPHIA is unable to activate Hover Pack/Jump Booster or Dive Gear, nor can it initiate an Acceleration Blast, release its pilot or enter a room transition tunnel. All other Main shots and all Sub-weapons remain usable, though some may behave differently as a result of the change in MA orientation.
  • SOPHIA is not affected by Area 5's currents while Wall Climb is engaged; however, the underwater slow effect will still apply to SOPHIA III while on a wall or ceiling.

SOPHIA Zero utilizes its own Wall Climb variant which benefits from the MA's passive knockback immunity, allowing SOPHIA to stay attached to walls/ceilings even after taking damage. Zero's passive water slow immunity also applies while Wall Climbing, enabling full-speed movement on walls and ceilings while underwater.

Blaster Master Zero 2[]

Direct wall climbing is removed from Gaia-SOPHIA's repertoire in favor of indirect ascension through use of the Recoil Jump.

Blaster Master Zero 3[]

Gaia-SOPHIA SV gains the Wall Drive maneuver after defeating Kahn-Forbidden in the Forbidden Sector, allowing the battle tank to roll up walls at the cost of Sub SP. Wall Drive is the only maneuver that allows SOPHIA to move up 1-block wide vertical passages, including those in the Sophia Metropolis and NORA Satellite Zone which precede secondary entrances to the Forbidden Sector. (Certain passages also require the placement of Phantom Solid blocks immediately below them before they can be traversed using Wall Drive.)


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 3.

In Area ???, Metal Attacker starts with its own variant of Wall Drive which, in a similar fashion to MetaFight's Wall 1, costs no SP to use.