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Warhead Missile is a three-way missile attack used by Sophia in various Blaster Master games.


Blaster Master and Blaster Master: Enemy Below[]


The Multi Warhead Missile, upon launch, three missiles streak away from the vehicle, one straight forward, and two at 30 degree angles above and below. The missiles have no guidance, but will pass through objects.

Blaster Master 2[]

Blaster Master Zero[]

Launches 3 missiles in the direction SOPHIA is facing
— Warhead Missiles Description • Blaster Master Zero

Warhead Missiles is the default sub-weapon of SOPHIA III, costing 1 SP to fire three orange missiles in the direction of aim which behave traditionally. Damage per missile is equivalent to the shooting power of the main cannon + 1 Normal Shot.

  • Normal Shot: 2:1 damage ratio (6:1 per salvo)
  • Hyper Shot: 3:2 damage ratio (9:2 per salvo)
  • Crusher Shot: 4:3 damage ratio (4:1 per salvo)

Only one missile salvo can be on-screen at a time, but fire rate is otherwise uncapped. Warhead Missiles can be used for high damage output at close range when multiple missiles connect with the same target, or to take out multiple enemies from a distance.

Launches 5 missiles in the direction SOPHIA is facing
— Warhead Missiles Description (Sophia Zero) • Blaster Master Zero

SOPHIA Zero possesses an empowered version that launches a total salvo of 5 missiles, fanning out at 15-degree increments with the 2 additional missiles filling gaps in the original 3-way pattern. Each missile deals 5x the damage of a max-power Warhead Missile from SOPHIA III; however, proportional damage is reduced to 2/3 empowered Crusher Shot damage (10/3 damage per salvo). As with its predecessor, only one empowered Warhead Missile salvo can be on-screen at a time, but fire rate is otherwise uncapped.

Blaster Master Zero 2[]

3 missiles that fire in a wave formation. Press the SUB-WEAPON button to fire.
— Warhead Missiles Description • Blaster Master Zero 2

Warhead Missiles, abbreviated as Missile, returns as the default sub-weapon of Gaia-SOPHIA. Instead of fanning out as they travel, the 2 outer missiles of the salvo of 3 curve around the center missile in a wave formation, much like Jason's Wave Shot in the previous game. As well, missiles are now launched with constant speed instead of accelerating over time, allowing them to hit enemies faster at close range but slightly increasing travel time against long-range targets. Each missile deals 3/5 G-Crusher Shot damage (9/5 damage per salvo), and it costs 12% SP to launch a salvo of missiles.


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 2.

Andreia is equipped with Warhead Missiles which behave mostly traditionally, despite using the same sub-screen description as Gaia-SOPHIA's Warhead Missiles. Activating this sub-weapon consumes 1 SP point to fire a salvo of 3 blue missiles which each deal 1x Crusher Shot damage. Unlike earlier iterations of this sub-weapon, Warhead Missiles fired by Andreia will destroy blocks rather than pass through them.

Blaster Master Zero 3[]

Gaia-SOPHIA SV's Warhead Missiles travel faster than in their previous iteration, but otherwise behave as they did for Gaia-SOPHIA before its upgrade. This default sub-weapon is able to destabilize mutant hives and destroy both yellow and red blocks in the Sophia Force Base; in addition, it is the weakness of several side view enemies and bosses, dealing extra damage and momentarily stunning some of them.


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 3.

Warhead Missiles are also an armament for Metal Attacker in both its boss and playable incarnations, behaving identically to Andreia's. The playable Metal Attacker consumes ammo from a stock of up to 20 instead of SP when firing.

Related Quotes[]

WARHEAD MISSILES: With this sub-weapon, you can fire a spread of three missiles at once. The missiles fire in the same direction SOPHIA is facing, so choose your angle and let 'em fly!
— Eve • Blaster Master Zero
"WARHEAD MISSILES" is a missile sub-weapon that fires in a wave pattern. The missiles will fire where your cannon is pointing, so aim carefully! Compared to the WARHEAD MISSILES we had on Earth, these will connect much more easily, but... You'll still need to aim carefully to hit small enemies with every missile.
— Eve • Blaster Master Zero 2