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Worlds of Power: Blaster Master

Worlds of Power: Blaster Master is a novelization of Blaster Master, written by Peter Lerangis, under the pen name of A. L. Singer, as part of the Worlds of Power book series created by F. X. Nine that novelized several Nintendo games. The events of this book, in a semi-unique twist among the Worlds of Power series, were actually written into canon by Sunsoft, and referenced in Blaster Master: Blasting Again. The story follows Jason as he chases his pet frog Fred down a large hole and discovers Eve and Sophia 3rd. During the journey, Jason encounters his friend Alex Bufoni, who's looking down here for his pet, Plutarch. Together, they roam throughout the deep underworld and eventually fight the Plutonium Boss.

As is typical for the Worlds of Power book series, game tips are written upside down at the end of every chapter. Most of them are of a very basic variety, but a few are useful (such as the Pause Trick). It's a small book, barely 100 pages, and made for kids. Following Nintendo's censorship policies, nothing is explicitly stated to "die." Jason's Gun now fires the more inaccessible laser bolts instead of bullets (and never gets upgraded). All of the monsters are either robots or hideous mutants.

Important Plot Points[]

  • The introduction of Eve, who reveals herself, and Sophia 3rd, to be extraterrestrial in nature. Eve also fills in much of the backstory. Oddly, she moves in with Alex's family at the end.
  • The Plutonium Boss is revealed to be a very intelligent, cosmic-horror type of monster that burrows into planets and remains there for eons absorbing radioactive material, then burning out the planet and moving onto the next.
  • The introduction of Alex Bufoni, who may or may not be the same Alex in Blaster Master: Overdrive.


  • Out of the eight Worlds of Power books created, one other became canonized in its video game universe: Shadowgate.
  • The life cycle of the Plutonium Boss is very similar to Lavos.