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Yacopu (ヤコプ Yakopu) is a small rabbit that first appears in Blaster Master Zero 2. It acts as the support animal for NORA MA-06 "Eir" as well as its crew, Kanna and Kenwood.


In the official album booklet for the Blaster Master Zero 2 original soundtrack, Yacopu is given the following description:

The reconnaissance droid of the MA "Eir". It possesses the unique ability to reconstruct whatever it eats and dispense it in the forms of parts and medicine.


Blaster Master Zero 2[]

Yacopu appears as the support animal of Kanna's MA "Eir". Overall, she seems very fond of it, treating it as if it were a beloved pet.


  • Yacopu is derived from Yakopoo, the main character of Sunsoft's 1992 GBA platformer Trip World.

    A pair of yukiusagi.

  • Yacopu's overall appearance is a reference to the Japanese yukiusagi ("snow hare"). Yukiusagi are a snow formation commonly made by children in Japan, with a body made from snow, eyes made from red berries and ears from green leaves, supposedly resembling a hare.