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Zavira is a mid-boss (and nominal chapter boss) appearing on Planet Montoj in Blaster Master Zero 2. Upon its defeat, Jason receives the first of the game's Access Keys, but is interrupted from departing the planet by the appearance of its true form, Gathervira.


Zavira resembles a large humanoid head that has yellow skin with blue eyes. The Zaviras inside Gathervira look exactly the same, only with blue skin and red eyes.


Eve: ...? Jason, you're okay...right?

Jason: I'm fine, doesn't seem all that dangerous... If I just watch how it moves, it won't be a problem at all.

Eve: Yeah...I suppose so...
— "Zavira" Eve Chat (Planet Montoj, Dungeon-4)

Zavira boasts three attack patterns: it either circles around Jason before stopping to fire a spread of four bullets at him, advances toward Jason in an attempt to deal contact damage, or rapidly teleports before firing two bullets that track Jason's position at time of firing. Either firing movement is preceded by Blast Counter vulnerability frames that can be capitalized upon with Reflex Striker or Shift-Up Attacker, with the latter often triggering a 3-second stun which can be extended using the boss's Seeker and Wide Blaster stun vulnerabilities. The encircling and approaching movements can also be punished with Proximity Mines.

Four rematches with Zavira take place inside Gathervira's innards in which Jason battles 1/2/3/3 Zavira clones at a time (1st/2nd/3rd/4th rematch), with additional clones of Zavira sharing sections of the boss life bar and the arena progressively adding extra spike tiles agnostic of the order in which Gathervira's catacomb doors are entered. With no destructible terrain inside the later arenas and a rapidly ramped-up possibility of Gun Levels being robbed with consecutive damage, it is advised to avoid relying on high-level shot types. Zavira's stun frames from being Blast Countered are generous enough for G-Blaster/Stinger and Grenade Bombs to deal considerable damage in a hurry. For unknown reasons, these Zavira clones no longer have a stun vulnerability to the Wide Blaster; keeping Seeker on a shortcut for the duration of the Gathervira fight may prove useful.

Gathervira is rematched on Planetoid G-2, with the Zavira rematches playing out identically, save for the fact that a well-timed Vector Reflector can trigger their Blast Counter stun frames with considerably lower risk of accidentally ending the Blast Counter on the spike tiles. Additionally, it is vulnerable to the ice element from Absolute Comet and attacks that synergize with it, such as Seeker and the Charge Shot.

Blaster Master Zero 3[]

Zavira makes another appearance, but as an enemy mutant in Blaster Master Zero 3, Zavira will appear while traversing Super-dimensional Space. They come in two variants, yellow and blue. Both variants have different ways of attacking, but they will slowly float towards Jason. The Yellow Zavira fires a spread of four bullets followed by a spread of three at the player. The Blue Zavira fires four piercing bullets.


  • Zavira previously appeared as the final boss of Sunsoft's 1986 Nintendo Famicom platformer Mystery of Atlantis, which would break the streak of Planet Montoj and Area B being a series of Ikki references, if not for Gonbei being the master explorer in need of rescue in Atlantis's depths.